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Photo Gallery | PHOTOS | Black 'Baby Alive' more expensive than white, Toys "R" Us blames 'keying' error

FAYETTEVILLE, Ga. - When a local mother tried to buy a doll for her daughter for Christmas, she never imagined that the doll might be more expensive - if it was black, instead of white.

The Baby Alive doll is one of the top items on 7-year-old Ahzhane Taylor's wish list this year.

Sunday, Ahzhane's mother, Niaira Taylor, went shopping, armed with her daughter's Christmas wish list, and a sale flier from Toys "R" Us advertising a sale for the Baby Alive doll - 20 percent off.

"I saw the doll she wanted," Taylor recounted. "It was an African-American doll. I picked it up, went to the counter. They rang me up. It came up to $47 and some change."

The only problem was that the doll was supposed to be much cheaper than $47.

Taylor snapped a picture of the sale price tag on the shelf, directly beneath the Baby Alive doll that she had selected. It showed a price of $31.99. But, she was charged the full price of $44.99.

Taylor said the dolls were identical down to their clothing and the way they held their spoons. The only difference was the race of the Baby Alive.

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