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People urged not to shop, work to protest Ga. law

People urged not to shop, work to protest Ga. law

ATLANTA (AP) -- As many parts of Georgia's law cracking down on illegal immigration take effect, a Latino community group is organizing "a day without immigrants" to protest the measure.

The Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights is calling for a day of non-compliance, asking businesses to close and community members to stay home and not work or shop Friday.

Alan Conner, owner of Dakota Blue restaurant in Grant Park, said he thinks the law is unjust and planned to close for lunch Friday in solidarity.

But some urge caution. Jerry Gonzalez, executive director of the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials, says skipping work without authorization could cost people jobs in a tough economic climate.

Groups are also organizing a "march for justice" on Saturday at the state Capitol to protest the law.

(The Associated Press)

LOCAL PROFILE: R&B Scene in Atlanta

LOCAL PROFILE: R&B Scene in Atlanta

ATLANTA – Derived from popular genres of music like jazz, blues and gospel, rhythm and blues was born. Rhythm and Blues music, which is widely referred to as R&B, is unique in that it has the ability to take on many musical identities, at once. Some say the genre was first identified in Harlem, during the Harlem Renaissance, which is known as one of the most prominent cultural movements for African Americans during the 1930’s. However, others think the genre originated in the 1940’s when African Americans began moving to northern cities, creating cultural fusion.  

The music evolved from “race music”, which was an offensive term that referred to the music of African Americans, into jump blues which was known for having a swing boogie, big band sound.

BEST SPOTS: Skincare and Barberspas

BEST SPOTS: Skincare and Barberspas

ATLANTA – It’s the summer time, ‘tis the season for chic fits, light fabrics, mandals, murses and clean faces and we know you want to let it all hang out. However it’s more important for today’s modern fashionmister to have clean and healthy skin. From cleansers to exfoliants, shavers to straight ravors, shaving creams to soaps, moisturizers and sunscreen men have a wide range of product selections to maintain their signature smirk.

Of course, every guy has their own routine; some skip a day to stay smooth others use a hot towel and facial scrub, either way; they all work to achieve the same goal which is smooth skin.

LOCAL PROFILE: Georgia's Country Music Scene

LOCAL PROFILE: Georgia's Country Music Scene

ATLANTA – According to the Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau, “country music is a perennial Southern favorite in Atlanta and it won’t disappoint”. The music, which has its roots in the south, is known as a blend of, both, traditional and popular music. The country music genre gained widespread popularity around the mid-1900’s as music known as “hillbilly” or old-time music began to decline. Hillbilly music was a genre of music native to the people of the Ozarks. The music was usually played on acoustic instrument like a guitar or a banjo.

Over the years, old-time music changed however most of the lyrical content and instrumentation stayed the same. As it evolved, the arrangement of instruments grew to include the electronic keyboard, drums, the bass, fiddle and the harmonica.

City leaders honor W.E.B. Du Bois Scholars

City leaders honor W.E.B. Du Bois Scholars

ATLANTA -- Metro Atlanta leaders will dispense the celebrity treatment to six outstanding Georgia high school students this week.

It's Scholars Recognition Week, a series of celebrations that honor members of the W.E.B. Du Bois Scholars program. This initiative was created by the Atlanta-based W.E.B. Du Bois Society to give fanfare and public recognition to high-achieving black students.

The W.E.B. Du Bois Scholars program is the only recognition outreach of its kind that is modeled after the lauded U.S.

Grandmother of 16 wins $411K in lottery

Grandmother of 16 wins $411K in lottery

CARROLLTON, Ga. -- A Carrollton grandmother thought she was dreaming when her husband told her she'd won a Fantasy 5 jackpot prize.

"Somebody pinch me," said Charlotte Rivas, grandmother of 16.

Rivas matched all five winning numbers in the May 19 Georgia Lottery Fantasy 5 drawing, winning a whopping $411,711 prize.

Winning numbers from the drawing were 14-18-28-31-39. Coleman's Grocery on Highway 92 in Fayetteville sold the lucky ticket.

Rivas, 61, said the win came at a wonderful time. She and husband Vince celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary May 2, and the mother of seven's birthday was May 29.

"This was to my surprise," Rivas said.

The couple recently began building their dream house and will use their winnings to complete it.

BBB rewards 'Students of Integrity'

BBB rewards 'Students of Integrity'

ATLANTA -- Each year, the Better Business Bureau honors six high school seniors with the Student of Integrity Scholarships.

Students attending schools in the 42 counties serviced by the BBB of Metro Atlanta, Athens & Northeast Georgia are eligible to compete. They are judged on leadership, community service, academic achievement and an essay written on integrity in the marketplace.

All entries were sent to judges who are experts in the field of ethics.

The 2011 scholarship recipients are:

* Katelynn Burkart
Archer High School, Lawrenceville

* Emily Conley
Our Lady of Mercy Catholic High School, Fayetteville

* Melinda Johnson
Dacula High School

* Gi Won "Andy" Kim
Athens Academy

* Davis Nguyen
Lovejoy High School, Hampton

* Jelani F.