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Algerians hijack newspaper's website | News

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Algerians hijack newspaper's website

FAYETTEVILLE, Ga -- A local newspaper says its website was the victim of a cyber-terrorist from Algeria. TheCitizen.com was hijacked for nearly an hour, and attack that crippled the site and left a cryptic message behind.

The FBI is looking into a complaint from The Citizen that the hackers deleted critical software files, including archives and a backup to the archives.

Newspaper Publisher Cal Beverly said the hackers used an Algerian IP address. The message they left on the website was a pro-Muslim, anti-US and anti-Israel rant that included the flags of Algeria and Palestine.

The cryptic message said "Muslims Are Not Terrorists. Tell Your Gov, To Know About Palestine, We Will Continue Hacking The Sites".

The message was from a purported "Admirale_Mouh."

The site was still sporadic today, sometimes impossible to get on, and browser messages warned "attackers might be trying to steal your information."

Beverly wrote on the website "It was not an attempt to steal any financial or personal information involving us or our clients."

Beverly told 11 Alive News by telephone "It was like someone broke into our house, trashed it, set fire to it, burned it to the ground and left a sign in the front yard."

FBI Special Agent Stephen Emmett said the complaint is still being processed and reviewed to determine if an investigation is merited. The Citizens publisher said they were hopeful the website would be fully operational by the end of Friday night.

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