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Fayetteville woman becomes 'upskirting' victim | Crime

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Fayetteville woman becomes 'upskirting' victim
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Fayetteville woman becomes 'upskirting' victim

FAYETTEVILLE, Ga. (WXIA) -- A Fayette County woman says she is outraged after becoming the latest victim of a troubling trend called "upskirting" -- in which someone uses a camera or cell phone to snap lewd photos under a woman's dress.

Audra Puckett says she was shopping in a JCPenney store when the suspect crept up behind her.

"I turned my head and I saw that there was a man behind me with his hand up my skirt," she said.

According to the police report obtained by 11Alive News, the man placed "an object under her skirt." Puckett then said she "observed a flash," as if "a picture had been taken."

Puckett says she confronted and chased after the man who tried to walk out of the store.

"I grabbed him," she said. "And I had my hands digging into him as he was trying to get away."

Puckett says a store employee eventually separated her from the squirming suspect, who made a beeline for the door and escaped -- but not before someone snapped a photo of his license plate.

Now, she says she wants police to figure out who the man is and arrest him before he can victimize someone else.

"It's all about the thrill he got from sneaking up and taking that picture," she said. "In his mind, it's about making himself feel good as a man -- violating someone and not getting caught. But he is going to get caught."

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