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50% off Tokens for Kirkwood Car Wash ($20 value) | Business

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50% off Tokens for Kirkwood Car Wash ($20 value)
50% off Tokens for Kirkwood Car Wash ($20 value)

Good clean family fun! CLICK HERE TO PAY ONLY $10 and Make your car sparkle the gentle way with Atlanta's best self-service coin-operated car wash!


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Shine your brightest in the carpool line with Today’s Scoop! Save 50% off at the Self-Service Kirkwood Car Wash and you'll have the cleanest ride in town and the satisfaction of doing it yourself. $10 gets you 10 car wash tokens...each worth $2 ($20 value).

Having kids can take a toll on your car. Between spilled milk, crushed pretzels, mud from the playground, and fingerprints on every window, the family automobile can get pretty smelly and filthy. While our kids love using a hose, bucket and dish soap to “wash” the minivan in our driveway, it's not so great for the environment and...our car is still dirty. So grab your crew, some tokens and head over to the well-established and coin-operated Kirkwood Car Wash for good clean fun. You can do a better job, faster, and it's a lot more convenient (open 24 hours/365 day a year)!

This multi-bay car wash, located in historic Kirkwood, is the perfect spot to get rid of the daily grime. It has been a neighborhood destination for families, autobuffs and everyone in between.

You can rinse, soap, wax and clean as much or as little as you want. No more guessing how to avoid the rush at an automated car wash or trying to understand the litany of services and which is a better value. The best value is family style car washing at Kirkwood Car Wash! We all know that kids can be an enemy to a clean car so get them to help out. Plus, you'll be teaching them responsibility and the simple pleasure of treating possessions well. Kirkwood Car Wash says it best, “Honor Thy Auto”!

If you have any questions, Stuart Brady, the owner, and Jerome Ford (12 year team member of KCW) will jump in and help people make the most of their wash. We found out we needed to brush in circles, not just back and forth. Kirkwood's hogs hair brushes are extra gentle on your car's paint. Perfect for antique and vintage vehicles, motorcycles, scooters, even bicycles.

What else? Kirkwood Car Wash offers pre-soak, low and high pressure sprays, hot waxes, brushes and vacuuming stations (the vacuums only take quarters). Tire cleaner, air freshener and other finishing and detailing products are available for purchase. Kids love the vacuuming stations - they get to suck up all the food they've dropped on the car floor! They'll probably also find lost Lego pieces, loose change and whatever is making your car smell so funky.

With Today's deal, make your car look shiny and brand new all over again.


2003 Oakview Road SE
Atlanta, Georgia, 30317-2507


  • Limit 1 per household.
  • Call (404) 663-8080 or email stuart@kirkwoodcarwash.com to redeem your voucher.
  • Not valid for cash back (unless required by law).
  • Not valid with other discounts or other offers.
  • Expires February 28, 2012.