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21 Fayette students to attend Governor's Honors | Schools

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21 Fayette students to attend Governor's Honors
21 Fayette students to attend Governor's Honors

FAYETTE COUNTY, Ga. -- Students from all five high schools in Fayette County have been selected for this year's Governor's Honors Program.

The prestigious program gives some of Georgia's most promising teens the opportunity to spend four weeks in the summer studying a certain concentration in which they excel.

Being nominated for the program is an honor in and of iteself. In order to be chosen, Fayette's students had to undergo a series of applications and interviews at both the school and county level.

Fayette County's Governor's Honors Program participants include:

Fayette County HS
* Erin Johnson (physics)
* Jonathan Powell (social studies)
* Menaka Reddy (chemistry)
* Janeen Thomas (mathematics)

McIntosh HS
* Ryan Anderson (mathematics)
* Akosa Erinne (mathematics)
* Paul Giorgi (architecture)
* Frankie Green (visual arts)
* Emily Schuler (music/woodwinds)
* Leah Slepian (architecture)
* Seth Triplett (mathematics)

Sandy Creek HS
* Preston Earle (chemistry)
* Savannah Eichhorn (mathematics)
* Justin Welch (music/strings)

Starr's Mill HS
* Elise Conti (music/woodwinds)
* Camille Edwards (theatre performance)

Whitewater HS
* Austin Dill (chemistry)
* Bonnie Hester (physics)
* Kyndal Kearns (music/voice)
* Anna Rainwater (music/brass)
* Sarah Refuss (social studies)


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