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FAYETTE: Family searches for teen missing in Mexico | News

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FAYETTE: Family searches for teen missing in Mexico

FAYETTE COUNTY, Ga. -- A Fayette County family has turned to the F.B.I. for help in their nearly year-long struggle to track down their missing teenage daughter in Mexico.

"It's been really hard on us to not know exactly where she's at and who's she's with," said the missing teen's mother Estella Garcia.

Two days after Christmas last year, Fayette County Sheriff deputies say 12-year-old Isabeth Yanez snuck out of her parents' house to meet with her 20-year-old next-door neighbor Simon Guiterrez -- a man her parents had forbidden her to see.

Isabeth's parents discovered the two communicating on Facebook and threatened to call the police if the relationship didn't end.

Isabeth left her parents a goodbye letter explaining that she loved Simon and asked them not to try to find them.

Her parents, however, immediately called the police. But because the case was classified early on as runaway not a kidnapping, Simon managed to leave the state and slip across the border with Mexico with Isabeth in tow.

Frustrated as days turned into weeks and weeks into months with no tangible results, Isabeth's parents contacted the F.B.I. asking them to join the investigation.

A spokesperson for the F.B.I. says they have opened a case file and assigned an investigator to work with the other local and federal agencies who've already had a hand in the case.