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Woman nearly gives birth in hospital parking lot | Health

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Woman nearly gives birth in hospital parking lot
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Woman nearly gives birth in hospital parking lot

Newnan, Ga. – Velinda Braxton had no reason to believe her third pregnancy would be any different from her first two. In both of those pregnancies, labor had to be induced. So when Braxton woke up Thursday – just five days before her due date – with back-to-back contractions, she knew something wasn’t right.

“I said to myself, ‘hold on…something’s wrong,’” said Braxton. “The [contractions] just started coming quicker and quicker. I didn’t expect it to happen so fast because the day before, I really wasn’t contracting as much.”

Braxton called her mother who told her panicked daughter to call an ambulance. She didn’t heed that advice immediately. Instead, Braxton tried to relax but soon, her water broke. As her brother rushed over to take care of her children, an ambulance made its way to her home in Palmetto, Ga., for the 40-minute race to Piedmont Newnan Hospital.

Two minutes from the hospital, the ambulance driver called the emergency department to inform them they had a woman in labor who may not make it inside before delivering.

“We went into action immediately,” said Reginald Ackie, security manager at Piedmont Newnan. “We had someone ready to open the emergency department doors and we triggered an announcement to alert anyone on the staff elevator to evacuate so that we could have it waiting for the ride up to Labor and Delivery.”

With Ackie running alongside the stretcher and guiding the way for paramedics, Braxton made it to the women’s services department in just over one minute. She delivered her newborn daughter less than two minutes later.

“By the time I got here, I saw all of the staff waiting and participating and trying to make sure I didn’t have the baby outside,” said Braxton. “As soon as I got off the gurney from the ambulance and onto the bed in Labor and Delivery, it was over. She was already out. It was just shocking.”

“It was teamwork at its best,” said Jennifer Key, director of women’s services at Piedmont Newnan. “From the paramedics to security to the nurses and doctors who were waiting to help, everyone should be proud of the work they did to make sure mother and baby were safe.”

Last year, more than 1,100 babies were delivered at Piedmont Newnan. To learn more about women’s services at Piedmont Newnan, visit piedmontnewnan.org.

Health, Moms, News