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Foreclosure Cancelled in Time for Christmas | News

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Foreclosure Cancelled in Time for Christmas

FAYETTEVILLE, GA -- For Melissa Smiley and her young son, it was a dark cloud hanging over their Christmas tree.

Their home was in foreclosure and about to be sold on the courthouse steps.

They turned to 11Alive's Help Desk almost a month ago.

Smiley, a single mom, says she's been trying since last February to get a mortgage modification and the last 10 months have been like back and forth tennis match with her bank, Bank of America.

She was trying to avoid what seemed inevitable -- a foreclosure sale on January 4.

Every time she contacted Bank of America, she said the bank told her, "'It's still in review--its still in review--its still in review. We need you to fax this. We need you to send this.' I've been doing that since February 2010."

Getting nervous that she hadn't gotten an update, she said: "It was November 29 my wedding anniversary. I called and I asked them for the status. 'It's still under review' they said, and then on December 2, I got a foreclosure notice in the mail."

Melissa Smiley was in a state of shock.

She was about to lose her home.

"That when I called Bill Liss and then I got my first call from Bank of America. Gabriel said he worked for the CEO of the company," Smiley said.

Things started happening quickly.

The Help Desk goal was to stop the foreclosure, and reinstate the mortgage modification process.

Just in time for Christmas, Bank of America halted the foreclosure.

The Help Desk reached Melissa Smiley, who was already out and about to give her son a Merry Christmas.

"I believed in the miracle of Christmas, and this is definitely an example of that," Smiley said. "It's great to know that I don't have to pack up my house next week knowing that I've been given that extended time is awesome. It's a great feeling." 

The packing cartons are back in the attic, and the toys are back under the Christmas tree, just in time.

Melissa Smiley now has 3 months to work out her mortgage modification and get it approved before she could again face the possibility of a foreclosure.