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Fayetteville 'Windy' Boasts Huge 'Gone with the Wind' Collection | News

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Fayetteville 'Windy' Boasts Huge 'Gone with the Wind' Collection

FAYETTEVILLE, Ga. -- It's been 71 years since "Gone with the Wind" first lit up the silver screen.  Since then enthusiasm for the iconic southern movie has only gotten bigger.

A "Windy" is a term given to only the most dedicated "Gone with the Wind" fans.  Fayetteville's Cathy Bonner has earned that distinction.

From dolls to snow globes, commemorative prints to light switch plates, even toilet paper, if it has anything to do with "Gone with the Wind" Bonner will try to get her hands on it.  "As you look around, everything here has its original boxes.  My entire attic is full," Bonner said from her home Monday.

The bonus room in Bonner's house is a tribute to Scarlet, Rhett and the Tara.  She's even named her dog "Beau", a nod to a character in the movie.  Her collection and passion for "Gone with the Wind" started with a gift of commemorative plates from her mother.  Since then her collection has grown exponentially.  Her prized possession is a first edition print of the famed novel.

"I find myself a lot like Scarlett.  I really do," Bonner said.  "I'm very independent.  I don't need a man.  She always thought she needed a man but she did fine on her own."

But Bonner's collection is in a bit of jeopardy.  After a debilitating injury, she lost her job.  She's making ends meet, but barely.  Her home is in jeopardy.  With money tight, the growth of her collection has come to a near stop.  "Its tearing my heart up.  I'm trying to work with the mortgage company right now," she said.  "But in "Gone with the Wind" Scarlett almost lost her's to taxes.  I just find that almost sort of a weird parallel.

Despite tough financial times, Bonner's "Gone with the Wind" passion endures.  Her mind is a treasure chest of anecdotes and trivial knowledge of the story.  Not bad for somebody who's only seen the movie in its entirety about thirty times, and never read the book.  "I'm not a big reader anyway.  So, no I've never read it.  Everybody is on to me about that but Ive never read it."

Bonner's collection of "Gone with the Wind" memorabilia includes about 900 pieces.  Its displayed on 185 feet of shelving.