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Woman shot while driving through Fayette County

FAYETTE COUNTY, Ga. -- Fayette County Sheriff's Deputies are investigating a shooting that happened Monday night.

According to Sheriff Barry Babb, deputies responded to Clayton County around 11 p.m. in reference to a person shot.

The victim told Clayton County Police she was shot while driving through North Fayette County. She said she was on Highway 85 near Roberts Road just north of Fayetteville. The victim was in the car with her 15 year-old granddaughter when a car described as an older model dark colored car pulled up beside them on the driver's side and shot at them.

After the woman was shot, she continued to drive until she called 911 at a nearby gas station in Clayton County.

Anyone with information about the case are asked to call Fayette County Sheriff's Detectives at 770-716-4750.

Thousands enroll in Ga. Pre-K Program

Thousands enroll in Ga. Pre-K Program

(WXIA) -- More than 80,000 Georgia children are enrolled in the state's Pre-K Program for the 2014-15 school year.

Pre-K is open to all 4 year olds, regardless of household income. Assistant commissioner Susan Adams said that it is the first school experience for many children.

"For this reason, we take our roles very seriously, and we work really hard to provide Georgia's children with positive and meaningful experiences," Adams said in a release.

In Pre-K, students study language, literacy and math while making new friends and building foundations for lifelong learning. The Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning recommends parents visit their children's classrooms in advance to familiarize them with their new surroundings, and dress them in comfortable clothes and shoes every day. If students have a tendency to feel lonely, parents can send them to school with family photos to cheer them up, and blankets or stuffed animals to snuggle at naptime.

Fayette official: We'll try out driverless car

Fayette official: We'll try out driverless car

FAYETTE COUNTY, GA – A new survey shows three out of four Americans wouldn't mind having a driverless or autonomous car.

Fayette County Commission Chairman Steve Brown wants a lot of them.

"We've had auto pilot airplanes forever and we knew eventually it was going to come to cars," Brown told 11Alive News on Monday.

With his hands firmly on the wheel of his car, Brown said he believes driverless cars will soon be a reality on America's roads and he wants to steer them to his area.

Unlike more crowded parts of metro Atlanta, Brown believes Fayette County has just the right mix of state highways, neighborhoods and back roads to host the nation's first major test program.

"If you're going to test a vehicle, one thing you need is a lot of movement, a lot of test driving; we would have that," he said.

Atlanta-area unemployment jumps in June

Atlanta-area unemployment jumps in June

(WXIA) -- The unemployment rate in metro Atlanta climbed again last month.

June's rate was 7.6 percent, up from 7.2 percent in May, but much lower than last June's 8.6 percent.

Fayette County's unemployment rate was 7.1 percent in June.

Georgia Labor Commissioner Mark Butler said the increase is due to end-of-summer job loss among non-contract school workers, an influx of graduates and students entering the workforce, and temporary layoffs in manufacturing.

So far, metro Atlanta has gained slightly more than 58,000 jobs in 2014 -- a good sign for those who are looking for work.

Metro Athens had Georgia's lowest June unemployment rate, at 6.3 percent. The highest was 10.4 percent, in the Heart of Georgia-Altamaha region.

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Primary runoff election results

Primary runoff election results

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Woman nearly gives birth in hospital parking lot

Woman nearly gives birth in hospital parking lot

Newnan, Ga. – Velinda Braxton had no reason to believe her third pregnancy would be any different from her first two. In both of those pregnancies, labor had to be induced. So when Braxton woke up Thursday – just five days before her due date – with back-to-back contractions, she knew something wasn’t right.

“I said to myself, ‘hold on…something’s wrong,’” said Braxton. “The [contractions] just started coming quicker and quicker. I didn’t expect it to happen so fast because the day before, I really wasn’t contracting as much.”

Braxton called her mother who told her panicked daughter to call an ambulance. She didn’t heed that advice immediately. Instead, Braxton tried to relax but soon, her water broke. As her brother rushed over to take care of her children, an ambulance made its way to her home in Palmetto, Ga., for the 40-minute race to Piedmont Newnan Hospital.

Rain could cancel road projects for the weekend

Rain could cancel road projects for the weekend

(WXIA) -- The threat of rain this weekend could provide some welcome relief for Atlanta-area drivers.

The Georgia Department of Transportation has already postponed a handful of road projects, thanks to the weather.

WEATHER | 11Alive meteorologist Tracy Humphrey has your weekend forecast

Resurfacing on Interstate 20 in Rockdale and Newton counties, and concrete replacement on the west side of I-285 have been canceled for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

GDOT said it plans to move ahead with scheduled resurfacing on I-20 between Douglasville and Villa Rica, as it is very close to finishing the work -- well ahead of its projected November completion date. However, rain may briefly halt crews.